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Ñust`as: The Healing Forces of Nature

Windsor, UK



with Ellen Kittredge, Wiraqocha Foundation Teacher of

Andean Nature Mysticism and Earth Based Healing Ways

 Balancing and Harmonizing your 

Energy Field

Opening your Heart and Softening 

your Ego

 Accelerating your Healing Process and Transforming old Wounds

Opening to Deep Love and Sublime 


 Becoming a Sacred Activist for 

Planetary Renewal

 Learning to Walk in Right 

Relationship with all of Creation

'...The Ñust`as Healing Forces of Nature, are essential guides on our path.'


We will be working with the river Thames in Windsor. Karpay (initiatory rites) will be given during this course. 

What do people say? 

“The Ñust`a Karpay has been the most glorious and loving experience for me, and I’ve had many others … I’m certain that I’m stepping into the world with a more pure and powerful medicine as a woman, as a global citizen and as a healer.”  AG

The receipt of the Ñust`a Karpay rites has been the great integrator of the wisdom teachings I have received over the years. Their wise and dy-namic counsel guide me in meditation and action, always from the heart.”  BS

“Of all the teachings and paths I have followed over the years, the Ñust`a Karpay rites have powerfully ignited my soul and propelled me into ac-tion from a heart based approach.”  KH

About Ñust`as

We Are Living in a Time of Emerging Prophecy

The prophecies of indigenous cultures across the planet share one critical commonality. They speak to the re-emergence of a harmonized and dynamic relationship between humans and the natural world. These prophecies, which have been passed down orally for many generations, for the most part emphasize a positive unfolding, as long as we CHOOSE this destiny through our actions.

Prophecy does not write itself. It is birthed by those who awaken and choose to step into active engagement. It is our sacred and profound honor at this time to accept our destiny of the co-creative process of walking the planet forward into the new earth that is birthing – a new world of harmo-nization, balance, and sacred reciprocity.

The Ñust`as: Healing Forces of Nature, are essential guides on our path.

The Ñust`as support us in becoming all of who we are, and the connection offered during this three-day workshop will allow participants to open to the healing gifts of the Nust’as, and align in a very real and immediate way with the healing forces of nature.

The teachings, wisdom and guidance about the Ñust`as have been intro-duced to me by Q’ero medicine men and women from the high Andes of Peru – through the teachings of Elizabeth Jenkins, founder of the Wiraqocha Foundation, who has been bringing the Q’ero traditions and teachings to the West for the last 32 years. Additional thanks for Zane Curfman and Salka Munay Ayllu for sharing some of the key context for the Ñust`a teachings.

In the last few decades the Q’ero, direct descendent of the Inka, have begun to offer their wisdom teachings to the rest of the world. As an intact culture that has lived in relative harmony with the Earth in incredibly harsh circumstances for hundreds of years, the Q’ero have much to teach about how engaging in sacred reciprocity with the Healing Forces of Nature can allow one to embody inner and outer balance, not to mention more love, gratitude, self-acceptance, and joy! Above all these beautiful medicine men and women embody a deep joy that is grounded in their love and respect for all of creation.

The teachings about the Ñust`as have only recently been made available to the West, and so this body of wisdom is relatively new to the world, and yet is grounded in hundreds of years of deep engagement and sacred prac-tice. (Please read more about the Ñust`as for some historical context, at the Wiraqocha Foundation Blog:

By learning how to be in sacred relationship with the Ñust`as, you enter into an increasingly dynamic global community of sacred activists for planetary change, accelerating the rebalancing of pachamama, our mother earth, and contributing to her healing.

And so I invite you into a deeper engagement with the Ñust`as to support you in:

• Balancing and Harmonizing your Energy Field

• Opening your Heart and Softening your Ego

• Accelerating your Healing Process and Transforming old Wounds

• Opening to Deep Love and Sublime Bliss

•Becoming a Sacred Activist for Planetary Renewal

•Learning to Walk in Right Relationship with all of Creation

Why Receive this Connection with the Ñust`as? What are the Benefits?

Suitable for both beginners and those who are more advanced in their healing paths, this workshop offers a unique opportunity to transform life on an individual and collective level.

The Ñust`as offer a heart-centered way of living and support us in opening to our true potential and capacity to love and live fully in the moment, thus offering the gift of our embodied presence to all whom we engage with.

Direct benefits include a heightening of intuitive abilities, a new apprecia-tion and relationship to Nature, a capacity to love more fully and live from the heart, a healing of old wounds and self-destructive behaviors, a libera-tion of one’s true voice, a reduction in toxic emotions such as fear, guilt, and shame, a clearing of non-serving ancestral lineage patterns, and an awakening to joy, purpose and passion.

Participants will come away with a deeper sense of themselves and a potent set of practices, which includes the ability to recognize and enter into active engagement with their unique local Ñust`as, allowing for energetic integration and continued growth.

Participants will also be instructed in the making of a Nust’a Mesa/Misha, a healing bundle, which has many uses and provides additional support for continued connection to the Nust’as.

Aligning with the Healing Forces of Nature supports you in becoming more fully embodied in your capacity to become a positive healing force in your life, and in the lives of all whom you touch. Through your work with the Ñust`as over time you will come to know yourself as a Healing Force of Nature! PLEASE NOTE: If you are using a MOBILE PHONE to read this page please scroll down below the form to see further details about the course.  


Email Address*


Payment and bookings




£195 by 5th August, 2020 (Early Bird Special!)

£220 after 5th August, 2020

£50 required to reserve your place in workshop.

Please pay to reserve as soon as possible as places are strictly limited.

This deposit is non-refundable (except for COVID-related issues - i.e. if we need to cancel because of a change in COVID restrictions, we will refund you 100%).

If you need to cancel last minute, the deposit can be applied to future workshops with Ellen.

Please bring the remainder of your payment to the workshop in cash.

Special circumstances

  • Prefer to pay the full amount via check or cash?

  • Want to attend but need to make payments in installments?

Please contact Ellen at to discuss other payment options.

All program materials, coffee, tea, water, and snacks are included in the price. The Course Schedule is below. 

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Course schedule:


Friday, August 21st - Sunday, August 23rd, 2020

Friday, August 21st: 1pm - 9pm

Saturday, August 22nd: 9am - 9pm

Sunday, August 23rd: 9am - 4pm

There will be breaks for meals and snacks/tea each day.

For more information about this event or if you have any questions, please email Ellen:


Please bring your own breakfast/lunch/dinner and snacks to share if you wish. There is also a pub in walking distance from the location for meals.


River Thames and a private home and garden in Windsor, UK.


Contact Billie Krstovic to arrange accommodation if you will need to stay over in Windsor Friday and Saturday night.


About Ellen

Ellen Kittredge is a Nutrition Counsellor, Minister, Energy Healer and Practitioner of Andean Nature Mysticism. Ellen works holistically with her clients to provide healing at all levels of their being (physical, emotional, and spiritual). Ellen wears many hats, but in the realm of Andean Nature Mysticism, she has been on a course of extensive study over the last 9 years in indigenous Andean healing modalities. She has received numerous Rites (Qarpays) from Andean Paqos, and co-founded a Healing Intensive based in Andean Nature Practices in 2015, which she co-taught for 4 years. She has been passionately working to bring the healing medicine of the Nust’as to clients and workshops attendees internationally over the last 4 years, with her colleague Suzannah Tebbe Davis, whom she normally teaches with in the States and the UK.

Her main teacher of the 4th Level and Andean Nature Mysticism over the last 4 1/2 years has been Elizabeth Jenkins, author, healer, teacher, organic farmer, and founder of the Wiracocha Foundation. Ellen received her Wiraqocha Foundation 4th Level Teacher Training certification with Elizabeth in 2019, and is now a Wiraqocha Foundation Teacher. 10% of all proceeds from this workshop are donated directly back to Q’ero Paqos and their families.

Ellen regularly leads earth-honouring ceremonies and workshops in person (as well as online), and delights in the opportunity to be in nature and commune with the wisdom of the earth. She recently moved to the UK to set up a home here with her husband, Dan Leak.



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