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The Grounding for Mindfulness Technique™ (GfMT) is a deep and effective way to induce mindfulness in every day life for anyone anywhere. The technique is effective and works instantly. It can be taught to adults, teenagers and children.

Using Mindfulness to Improve Learning: 40 Meditation Exercises for School and Home

ISBN 9781138360556

Published December 16, 2019 by Routledge

180 Pages

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It only takes half an hour to learn the meditation but with practice it becomes much used life-long skill. It is especially helpful in a high pressure situations at home and in your professional life.

The effect and benefits of the technique are described in different parts of this site. For individual coaching please phone or email Billie direct. 

For therapists, youth workers, SEN and mainstream teachers please go to .The Basic Grounding for Mindfulness Meditation™  especially adapted technique for education and more information can be found on the above site. 

Please feel free to contact us for more information or to book a session or a training day.

GfMT  has been taught to people from all walks of life, from busy mothers, high executives, stressed out teachers, chefs in high pressure environments to students, artists and school children.

Billie has taught mindfulness meditation to thousands of  adults and teenagers in secondary schools over the last fifteen years. She taught children in mainstream schools including children with Autism  . The technique is highly effective in professional, domestic and educational settings alike.

What do clients say?

In April this year my 4 year old son had two horrifying freak accidents within very short period of time. Apart from physical injuries he also had emotional trauma and so were the rest of us in the family. Billie was fantastic. She made us emergency essences for the entire family. It really worked on me and my husband and the children, it worked on everyone in the house to calm down, let go of the shock and move on peacefully. Thanks Billie :-) x'

Jana, Windsor

'Billie is an excellent practitioner. She is extremely thorough, knowledgeable and intuitive. She gets results you are looking to achieve. As a result of by being treated by Billie, Flower Bush Essences are now my first point of call for any issue, as I know how fast acting, beautifully subtle and healing they can be. Thank you, I feel lucky to have met you. '

R.S. Windsor

What do clients say?

'I am 49 years old and have suffered with anxiety for the past 7 years or so. The anxiety has been overwhelming and all encompassing at times with a series of panic attacks which I had in public places. I have drastically changed my lifestyle over the years, stopped caffeine and made exercise and the outdoors a major part of my life. It has definitely helped but I was still having sleepless and restless nights and would constantly feel that my body was in ‘fight or flight mode’. Billie prescribed me two remedies, the first made a big difference for about two months but the symptoms returned again somewhat. She then prescribed me xxxxx which also addressed my fear flying and for the last three months I have been so much calmer – it has made a big change to my life. I have been sleeping better and I no longer feel my heart beating 90 to the dozen.

C. Windsor

'I asked Billie to help me heal my past because I felt that I was unable to create a happy relationship and wanted to grow personally. I wanted to become a happy person inside and out. The essence, which Billie prepared especially for me, opened a wound from the past which brought up the pain but I knew that it was part of a healing process. I'm so glad that I asked her for help. I am ready for a new life. Thank you .'

Katie, Slough

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