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Vibrational Medicine 
What is Energy Healing?

By Billie Krstovic MA MCHP

Advanced Practitioner for Bush Flower Essences

Women's Wellbeing Practitioner

Fascia Energy Connection (clearing, rebalancing)

Energy work (clearing, balancing)

Grounding Techniques Meditation Teacher

Tel: +44 (0) 7947 797 590

Since the ancient times people knew that there are several layers to life, some visible and some invisible.

Energy clearing, Fascia Energy realignment and Bush flower Essences are all forms of Vibrational medicine which are dealing with that non tangible part of human life. This hidden part is the energy driving the life of the body and is closely linked to the body, emotions and our mind. The basic presumption is that it has a memory of everything that a person has ever experienced and it is driving the behaviour, mind and emotions from within.  The treatment is addressing this force which sometimes becomes stagnant, heavy and slow in its vibration and can cause illness, troublesome emotions and can make our lives difficult as we are not living from the free flow of energy within our energetic being, therefore the life cannot flow effortlessly either. Anything can cause this, from childhood trauma, stress of any kind, issues with relationships, illness, overworking, pregnancy and childbirth to life cycles: puberty, menopause and so on.  Vibrational Medicine works with plants, elements of life and the trained practitioner who all play their part in the process of clearing, reprogramming and healing of human Bioenergy field.

How does the treatment work?

Treatment works on moving the stagnant energy to bring back the natural, vibrant flow within the energy field. This kick-starts the body’s healing powers. This can be expressed in the emotional, mental or physical plane. Usually in all three.  This knowledge is very old. Yoga, martial arts, Chi Kung, Reiki, Tai Chi and Acupuncture are all arts and treatments that deal with the flow of energy in some way or another. In short, it can impact any aspect of a person’s life.

It is very important to realise that this is a discovery process and while at times it can be a quick fix, ultimately the best results are seen over time. The journey is taken to clear one layer of heavy energy at the time and give a person time to take the journey from the wounded self to their most true and most powerful version of themselves. Many have taken this journey and have come out transformed, ultimately transforming their lives.

What to expect during the treatment?

The client is fully clothed during the treatment. Treatment can take several forms depending what is needed at that time. Several techniques might be used in one session depending on the history of the client and the current difficulty. Length of appointments vary depending on what has been booked. Typically for one treatment it takes 1h. The initial consultation is usually 90 minutes long including detailed history taking which is compulsory for all new clients.


What to expect after the treatment?

Once energy flow is re-established the recipient of the treatment might feel very relaxed. The body, mind and emotions might start to clear a few hours or a few days later which is a natural and desired process of rebalancing and healing.  Positive changes might happen in any area of life. Some people use this kind of treatment primarily for healing and recovery of either emotions or body, some just to feel good and keep themselves at their peak mental, emotional and physical condition. Some use it to considerably accelerate self-development or spiritual development and to turbocharge their efforts to achieve goals. It is also used as prevention related to burnout.

Please note:  Fascia energy treatment, Bush Flower Essences and Grounding Meditation Techniques do not treat mental health illnesses and do not replace medical treatment of any kind. For these please visit your doctor.


Can this help with perimenopause and menopause?

Women experience all sorts of issues in perimenopause and menopause. The energy treatment and Australian Bush flower Essences address this and there are remedies specifically dealing with hormonal ups and downs, heat and anxiety. Sometimes women feel they have lost control of themselves, their emotions and mind during menopause and healing sessions can be very beneficial to get them through this. It can help to see the transition not as crisis but as valuable life initiation with its ultimate wisdom for every woman. 

Menopausal women can greatly benefit from also learning how to work with their own energy to regain a degree of control and increase independence.

Our Women Wellbeing Practitioner can explain these treatments in detail.


How about supersensitives?

These non-invasive treatments are especially suitable for people who are sensitive to harsh treatments and have had not so positive experiences in the past. It is also suitable for people who are sensitive to other people’s moods, emotions and presence and might feel drained by them.

What about the anxiety?

Anxiety is a sign that a person is not true to themselves. Sometimes it is result of hormones. Sometimes it is a sign of taking on other people’s energetic charge. Anxiety is always linked to the issues and blockages to the energy flow. This is what causing it behind the scene. Anxiety ‘trigger’ works from here. The reason for anxiety and the blockages comes from how a person lives their life. All is interconnected and influence each other. 


Can this help with my self and spiritual development? Can I learn to help myself?

Any energy manipulation and clearance will have impact on your self-development. For people who wish to turbocharge their development and move on with their life quickly, consecutive courses (Beginners, Intermediate , Advanced and Masterclass) are available. Places are strictly limited. Please book early.


Are there any products for energy work?

At our clinic Vibrational Medicine products are available to buy in a specific form. Our practitioner has a range of flower essences and body and space mists created with home grown organic plants, purified water and hand picked crystals which are available to buy. All ingredients withing essences are purified and infused with healing energies. It is very easy to use them.

Where can I have this treatment?

All of the above treatments are available in Ascot and Windsor (Berkshire, UK)  Please call or email to book your appointment.


Courses teaching Energy work and Meditation are strictly limited and early booking is advisable.

Billie Krstovic MA MCHP

Advanced Practitioner for Bush Flower Essences

Women's Wellbeing Practitioner

Fascia Energy Connection (clearing, rebalancing)

Energy work (clearing, balancing)

Grounding Techniques Meditation Teacher

Tel: +44 (0) 7947 797 590

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