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 Introduction to Energy Work 

Intensive  3 week course

(9 hours) 

Our Universe is vibrating with powerful forces made up of living creative energy. We are part of this Universe and therefore we are also made out of these sparkling and transformative creative forces.  In the West most individuals are not brought up to consciously operate in their energetic body and our energetic universe. Awakening the perception and deep personal awareness of the energetic world can have a dramatic impact on how someone perceives themselves, how they relate to themselves and others and how they feel in their day to day life. The universe is ultimately abundant with free, living, pulsating energy which holds the highest potential for everything in existence and everything yet to exist. Life itself is naturally abundant with this energy. We are naturally abundant with this energy. However, daily life can be quite stressful and this can change the quality of our energy and our ability to generate and move it. This in turn affects our emotions, our heath and our relationships with ourselves and others. Luckily humans are born able to move energy therefore be in charge of their own energetic health and inner beauty. 

The Course

This dynamic, hands-on course is designed to introduce a beginner to the field of energy work. It will enable you to become aware of your own energy, its movement and its ‘content’ and will teach you to begin to move your energy at will.

The course aims to awaken and build energy awareness and the ability to manipulate personal energy and space. You will learn how perceive your energy field, how to ground it to the Earth, how to begin to understand and perform personal energy clearance and charge. It will also give you an  understanding of the relationship between Earth, grounding and mental, emotional and physical health and its links to your ability to bring your chosen reality into being. 

This is first in a line of 4  Energy Courses set this year (list below). This first course will teach the Grounding for Mindfulness Technique (GfMT) as the base for the energy work. Variations of the technique will be taught throughout. Knowing GfMT and having experience of the personal energy field is a prerequisite for any of the further more advanced energy courses in this line up which can be taken individually at any point in the future. Ideally the courses should be attended in the given order. Please contact Billie to discuss.  Being able to ground and feel grounded is an essential part of energy work. For further information about GfMT - Billie’s book on grounding is available online and in every good book store. 

Book the Introduction to Energy Work course here

If you wish to book it is advisable that you commit to all sessions as no recording will be provided.  

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